Karen Casey, CWC

There are rare, special people in our world who are born to do exactly what they do later in life.  Karen Casey is one of them.  Karen has spoken with joy of her childhood and playing "Wedding" with her sisters.  Of course, Karen organized every "Wedding," assigned places to the girls and gave each one a handmade bouquet of wild Georgia mountain laurel tied with cotton strings.  As a teenager Karen always sought out the Wedding section of the local newspaper and poured over etiquette books she checked out from the library. 

Karen is wonderful with brides, their fiancés and family members.  Think of Karen as the 'Fair Godmother' of weddings!  Soft spoken, and genteel, Karen listens closely not only to what a bride says, but what is also left unspoken.  She is well-versed in wedding traditions across religions, cultures and regions and her genius in paying attention to the smallest detail is legendary.  Her trademark is seeking out and inserting tiny details into the wedding that make it truly 'your' wedding and while also designing a wedding that is a memorable event to all who attend.

Karen's love for every aspect of a wedding culminated in Karen Casey Events, the southeast's award-winning Wedding Event company. 

Karen's unmatched wedding expertise has made her a mentor and teacher to several hundreds of professional Wedding Planners, and a well-known and respected leader and speaker in the international Wedding industry.  Her fame is international: of her 2008 visit to China as an honored speaker to an international Wedding Consultants conference Karen said:

I never imagined that I would go to China, for a vacation or much less as a conference speaker.  But, on February 29, 2008 I anxiously stood in front of a large group of Chinese wedding vendors, who were sporting almost as many cameras as paparazzi on Oscar night, at the Chinese International Wedding Conference in Beijing China.  I felt like a celebrity.  I was one of three presenters, representing the  Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (A.C.P.W.C.) based out of San Jose, California.  We shared information about American weddings, from business procedures to ceremony and reception décor.


The next day, our host took us to visit historical sites, including The Great Wall of China (miles and miles of wall) and The Forbidden City (enormous piece of ancient real estate).  My trip to China was one of the most impacting experiences of my life and I am very grateful for the rare opportunity to connect with this unique part of the world.

In her leisure time, Karen enjoys playing the piano for her Church's Sunday services, decorating the fabulous house Karen and her husband Mike built by themselves on top of a northern Georgia mountain peak, and spending time with her family.

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  • ACPWC, Certified Wedding Consultant
  • National Instructor for the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants
  • ACPWC, Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants
  • AFWPI, Association for Wedding Professionals International

  • Professional Awards
    - 2009 Allie Award, Best Social Event $10K-$25K
    - 2008 Allie Award
    - 2007 Allie Award
    - 2006 GALA Award Nominee, Best Wedding $500
      and Above per Guest
    - 2006 Allie Award, Best Social Event
    - 2006 Allie Award, Most Creative Venue
    - 2005 International Esprit Award, Social Event
      Planning, Budget Over $100,001
    - 2005 International ESPRIT Nominee, Most Creative
    - 2005 ALLIE Award, Best Social Event
    - 2005 ALLIE Award, Most Creative Venue
    - 2002 ALLIE Award, Best Social Event

  • Memberships
    - ISES, International Special Event Society
    - NACE, National Association of Catering Executives
    - AFWPI, Association for Wedding Professionals